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Having set a mutual goal to promote culture in the village, the Community Council and the Organized Parties of the community organize a series of events. Organized and supported by the Community Council, the following cultural events are held in the community: 

Children’s Festival: Held on the first week of June and organized by the Community Council.
Christmas Event: It is organized by the Youth Centre with the support of the Community Council.
Easter Events: They are organized by the Youth Centre with the support of the Community Council and they last for three days.
It is noteworthy that the Community Council, apart from the aforementioned cultural events, organizes a blood donation twice a year.
The remaining cultural events are held by the Organised Parties of the community. Some of them are:
“Honey Pie” Annual Festival organized by the Youth Centre.
National Remembrance Days organized by the National Association.
Labour Day on May 1 organised by the People’s Associations.

Youth Centre

The Youth Centre of Potami was established in 1990 and aims at contributing to the progress and development of Potami by making contributions in various fields, as well as to bring Potami closer to its expatriates. The centre organizes excursions and various other events, such as carnival parties, Easter games, movie showings and festivals.

Excerpts of some of the Youth Centre’s objectives, which are stated in its Memorandum, are presented below. The Youth Centre aims to achieve: 

  • the progress and welfare of all young people of the community
  • the creative occupation and healthy entertainment of the youth during their free time
  • assumption of common activities in cooperation with other Youth Centres of the district and of the entire island of Cyprus.
  • the promotion, development and cultivation of sports which is aimed by creating several sports teams which participate in various championships
  • the development of an environmental consciousness and the protection of the community and our country in general

National Association “Ethnikos” 

The National Association (“Ethnikos Syllogos” in Greek) was established in 1976 having as a vision to promote the athletic spirit, tradition and culture and to develop the Greek- Christian ideals.

The Association’s objective is to hold speeches and lectures regarding environmental and social issues, such as drugs, and to develop road consciousness. Additionally, the association organizes events dedicated to the youth of the villages, as well as events to honour remembrance days. It must also be mentioned that the National Association cooperates with other Organised Parties and in particularly with the “Educational Association of Astromeritis” and the club “Anaggenisis Nikitariou”.

The administrative committee of the Association is formed by:

  • Michael Michael (president)
  • Neophytos Chrysostomou (secretary)
  • Charalambos Charalambides (cashier)
  • Giorgos Christophorou (member)
  • Kyriakos Solomou (member)
  • Lefteris Solomou (member)
  • Katerina Solomou (member)  

Peoples’ Associations “Potami”  

The Peoples’ Associations “Potami” has been active since 2005 and has set as its primary concern to keep the youth of the community become involved in sports, culture and generally in activities which keep them away from drugs.

The Associations hold a Youth Festival, artistic nights, as well as speeches about drugs, whereas at the same time they cooperate with the Peoples’ Associations of the communities of Akaki and Nikitari, as well as with “Omonoia Peristeronas” and “PEO of Nicosia”.

Ôhe Administrative Committee of the Peoples’ Associations is formed by:

  • Christakis Eftechiou (president)
  • Lazaros Aristeidou (member)
  • Andreas Allayiotis (cashier)
  • Adonis Adoni (member)
  • Christakis Solomou (member) 

Women’s Charity of the Lowland Holy Bishopric of Morfou 

The Women’s Charity of the Lowland Holy Bishopric of Morfou was established in 2000.

The Association’s objective was charity, moral and concrete support towards our fellow beings. The charitable work of the Association is supported through events or donations made by friends of the Association. In particular, the Charity organizes journeys both in Cyprus and abroad, charitable tea parties, theatrical performances, as well as bazaars at the communities’ fairs.

It must be mentioned that all the communities of the Bishopric region of Morfou participate in the Charity. The mountainous department is headquartered at the village of Evrychou, whereas the lowland department at the village of Peristerona. The Board of Directors is elected every two years and each community is represented by one or two persons. Our community is represented by Sofia Ioannidou. 

What is noteworthy is that the work of the Charity is supported by the Metropolitan Bishop of Morfou and his associates, and that the Charity also cooperates with the state Welfare Office and with all the organized parties of the Bishopric region of Morfou.   

Community Council



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